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With Konsell, clients can rely on the firm’s extensive experience of legal and tax issues relating to one or more jurisdictions, as well as Konsell’s knowledge of language, culture, and international practice standards. Konsell’s professionals are attuned to listening carefully, and are always open to discussion. Konsell offers the very best in quality service and is at pains to tailor all proposals and solutions to individual client needs.

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Brenda Hibberd

We are an English couple that have retired to Jerez de la Frontera. We do not speak Spanish and we were recommended to this company by a friend. Konsell Abogados have been outstanding, they sorted out our Padron when we moved from Seville. They accompanied us when needed to avoid mistakes on our part. They registered us with a GP, filed all our Spanish tax returns and explained everything to us clearly and in perfect English. They organised paying our property tax and are currently working on our wills. They have really looked after us and made our time here completely stressless. I would unreservedly recommend them.


We have just completed on a property in Jerez. Thanks to this excellent company it was a painless process. If only it was this easy in England! The team are professional and thorough and we had confidence in their abilities all through the process. I contacted them prior to even making an offer on the house as I was keen to avoid the much publicised pitfalls with purchases in Spain that seem to be very visible on line. This is a company well worth considering should you be looking to make a purchase or similar in Spain – definitely five stars.


Konsell is an excellent law and tax firm. José Manuel and his team did a fantastic job handling my divorce. The end results put my New York lawyers to shame. Konsell was ten times better at a tenth of the price. I strongly recommend them.


We would like to thank and commend Mr Antonio Lara for his invaluable legal advice and friendly step-by-step guidance through the complexity of obtaining the necessary paperwork for a property acquisition in Jerez de la Frontera. Mr Lara is incredibly knowledgeable, ideally connected, with excellent English communication skills and a reasurring attitude no matter the difficulties in the process. He was always able to propose solutions and help in a super speedy manner. He made sure that everything was triple checked and professionally completed. We are very grateful for Mr Lara and Konsell Abogados’ assistance and thank you once again for helping achieve our dream.