Business Clients

For Business Clients

Tax Consultancy for Corporations and Permanent Establishments

Our experience in the world of business allows us to offer you the most efficient and effective tax and legal solutions adding value to your business and enhancing its efficiency.

Business Consulting & Development - International Corporate

Business leaders. Our mission is to develop  relationships with independent business owners. We want to be on the front line with every client wishing to start a business which allows them to realise their professional life goals.

Companies. – Among Konsell’s business clients are limited companies, partnerships, medium-sized and small family businesses, from a variety of sectors.

Company Formation – Services - Reorganisation - Liquidation

You can rest assured that Konsell will take time to understand your business fully so that we can help you make the right decisions when it comes to incorporating, supporting, reorganising or liquidating your business. In other words, Konsell offers tailor-made solutions uniquely suited to your needs.

Tax Claims / Legal Defence and Representation

Have you received a notice from any of the various Spanish tax authorities? If so, it
could be initiating a limited or full tax audit. Anyone affected would do well to seek the assistance of Konsell’s tax and legal advice to prevent further problems and or to act for the  client in the case of dispute.

Litigation And Mediation – Advocacy – Counselling

You doubtless feel that litigation is a last resort for you in order to resolve matters. Konsell works hard to give our clients alternatives for dispute resolution both in private and business instances.

Renewable Energies Investments And Developments

Since 2020, Spain together with the EU, has reinforced commitment to developing strong sources of green/renewable energy in terms of electricity production and provision for all consumers. Konsell sees itself as being at the forefront of this initiative.