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Derecho Inmobiliario – Propiedades – Alquileres - Urbanismo Y Medio Ambiente

Throughout the years we have had clients who used solely the services of a real estate agency to do the paperwork as a supposed cost saving. Often, they were not properly advised, legally, nor in a tax wise way. Months or years later, they ended up paying three times the amount they had “saved” when issues within the agreement, or Town Planning appeared.
Konsell is expert in Town Planning and Urbanism, an independent advisor, working just for you and your best interests.
Konsell can offer you advice and support with all types of real estate matters, including:

  • Compras de inmuebles comerciales y residenciales
  • Negociación de Alquileres y de otros contratos inmobiliarios.
  • Urbanismo, Planeamiento, Gestión, Expedientes Sancionadores.
  • Proyectos de inversion y Desarrollo urbanisticos. Juntas de Compensación, Planes Urbanísticos.
  • Comunidades de Propietarios. Division horizontal.
  • Disputas entre propietarios e inquilinos.
  • Expedientes Medioambientales, Inspecciones.