The 26th of March 2023 is the tenth anniversary of the launch of Konsell. It was founded a decade ago and continues to thrive, despite global events and economic pressures that are unprecedented in the modern era.

Konsell was founded on the principles of honesty and integrity, doing its best for its clients whilst looking after its staff, which the company sees as its most valuable asset.

Konsells three-word introduction on its website, of Trust, Excellence and People sums up the ethos of the Managing Director, Jose Manuel Diaz. He is determined to keep these aims uppermost and continue to improve on the caring and trustworthy image that the company enjoys with both local and international clients. The company has a truly international client list from across the globe but especially from the US and the UK. However, Konsell is keen to continue to expand its portfolio and reach, so constantly looks to improve its in-house skills and the professional services it offers.

Konsell supports several charities, both local and international and continues to be seen as a responsible employer as well as a successful legal and business practice. In a world of uncertainty and turmoil it has continued to thrive and prosper through hard work and diligence. Konsell is celebrating its first ten years of serving the public and now looking forward, in a positive manner, to the next ten years! Congratulations!


With the passing of Andalusian Law 5/2021, tax responsibility  is now ceded to the Autonomous Community of Andalusia, the tax boost that the regional government introduced in response to the serious economic crisis caused by COVID-19 is now established. What at first appeared to be a short-lived opportunity to buy a second hand property by 31 December 2021, has now become the long term, so that anyone who wants to purchase a home or any other type of property in Andalusia will pay a general Transfer Tax of 7% instead of the pre-COVID rate of 8% to 10%. This tax cut is intended to encourage small buyers and investors to purchase properties in the region. We should also mention the reduction in the variable quota of the type of Stamp Duty Tax which, as with the transfer tax, is also confirmed as 1.2% instead of the previous 1.5%. These measures represent a tax relief for those wishing to buy a property in Andalusia, either as a permanent residence or to enjoy as a holiday home. This also applies to those wishing to invest in purchasing other properties such as commercial or industrial premises, offices or plots of land. The new law provides other tax benefits for more specific cases. The Tax Department of Konsell Abogados y Asessores (Lawyers and Consultants) will be able to advise clients on anything to make for maximum tax efficiency and with Konsell’s expert advice, clients can take advantage of all of the opportunities the new law brings.