Manuel Benítez is a chartered ECONOMIST registered to Cadiz Economist Association with number 2.273, a TAX ADVISOR and LEGAL Assistant. Graduated in Law and Business Administration by the University of Córdoba (UCO), Master’s Degree as a LAWYER and Master´s Degree in Tax Advisory from University of Cádiz (UCA), currently he is pursuing his PhD in International Tax Law.

During his time at university Manuel completed several courses of study related to different areas of Law, Economics and Business, and had a lecture published in the Volume 10 of the Review of Austrian Economics academic journal, in addition to his other written publications and mass media contributions.

He is a national champion in academic debate, and he was a trainer in rhetoric at the “Dilema Debating Club”. He has worked in the Applied Economics and the Tourism and Business Departments at UCO. He spent one year teaching at the “Acapola” Academy, in Córdoba.

He is fluent in the English language, with ability well above his Cambridge University certificated B2 level; his French language level is also B2.