Tax Claims / Defense And Representation

Tax Claims / Legal Defence and Representation

Some of our current clients turned to Konsell when they were already in a precarious legal situation and many of them speak highly of the defence they received. Konsell is used to   negotiating with tax inspectors to avoid misunderstandings regarding a client’s position and activities, saving the client months of duress and expenditure during a protracted procedure.

Where this is not possible, Konsell prefers to go down the administrative route first, but can also provide court defence. Konsell has a strong track record of winning cases against the different tax authorities, obliging them to refund our clients and even pay compensation for loss of interest.

Residents and non-residents alike can find themselves subject to tax audits, and it is increasingly the case that non-residents wishing to settle or open a business in Spain are targeted. Konsell is experienced in finding ways of reducing the impact of such situations and suggesting ways through the maze.

Konsell employs qualified tax advisors, lawyers, economists, auditors and accountants. All of them  familiar with various jurisdictions and dealing with international clients.