Private Clients

For Private Clients

Real Estate – Property – Town Planning & Urbanism – Lease

Imagine that you decide to purchase or sell a property, perhaps in connection with your business.

Given the amount of money that this entails, it is so important that this process should be as smooth as possible and error-free.

This means avoiding unwise shortcuts at all costs .

Tax Consultancy For Private Clients – Resident or Non-Resident

Konsell quite simply listens. Our staff take fully on board all your objectives and concerns, giving you tailored advice in tax matters, irrespective of your residency status.

For individuals and businesses not based in Spain, there are all sorts of legal remedies for reducing the tax burden.

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Relocation And Residency – Golden Visas – Re-Uniting Families - Citizenship

You can count on our team to assist you with all of your needs, whether it be to move with or without your family and be established in our country.

There are several ways of achieving this, depending on your requirements and the legal options available.

Cross Border Matters / Advice/ Claims

Our team has considerable expertise in cross border matters, including civil issues (inheritance, family, contracts, and legal obligations,) judicial issues, business and trade issues. It is vital to obtain sound advice on negotiation or matters of legal conflict.

Private Estate Planning , Crossborder Successions, Wills

Most clients will be familiar with the economic and family sensitivities and complexities around the planning on this subject.

Tax Claims / Defense And Representation

If a person receives a notice from any Spanish tax authority, it could mean that the authority in question is launching a full or reduced tax audit. In such a situation, Konsell can help through expert tax and legal advice, with a view to preventing the situation escalating or even providing defence counsel in the case of a dispute.

Litigation And Mediation – Advocacy – Counselling

For most people, litigation is the last resort for addressing legal issues. Konsell uses a range of resources and techniques to help clients resolve disputes, business or private, without going to litigation. Konsell uses a variety of resources and techniques to help our clients alternatively resolve disputes with other parties, whether business or private.