Private Clients

For Private Clients

Real Estate – Property – Town Planning & Urbanism – Lease

You want to purchase or sale a property for yourself and your dear ones, maybe for your business. This is surely something you would like to make in a flawless way, no errors at all, as a considerable amount of your money is or will be invested in such a deal. To succeed in this aim , avoiding false shortcuts is of the essence.

Tax Consultancy For Private Clients – Non-Resident Or Residents

You get listened here, your aims and concerns are taken seriously and we work on a tailor-made solution through tax analysis and planning, your specific tax position, whether you are resident or not in in Spain. Chances are often available for citizens and their business who are residents abroad, to reduce the heavy taxation by using the legal remedies in place. See many services offered here.

Relocation And Residency – Golden Visas – Family Reagrupation – Citizenship

You may count on our team to assist you with any of your needs to move with or without your family and be established in our country, through several ways of achieving this according to your needs and legal ways available.

Cross Border Matters / Advisory/ Claims

Our team is specialized in cross border issues, including civil matters (inheritance, family, contracts and obligations,) judicial issues, business and trade subjects. Get properly advised in negotiation or controversial matters involving a conflict of law.

Private Estate Planning + Crossborder Sucessions + Wills

You are surely aware of the economical and family transcendence of your planning in this subject. This is obviously a matter you cannot leave unattended when you want an efficient, smooth and seamless passing down of your legacy to your dearest ones or just restructuring your current wealth in a tax efficient way.

Tax Claims / Defense And Representation

Have you received a notice from any of the different Spanish Tax Offices? They could be opening a reduced or full tax investigation. You should better take the assistance of our good tax and legal advisors to prevent further issues and even to defend you in a potential dispute.

Litigation And Mediation – Advocacy – Counseling

You are surely aware that litigation is the last resource you would like to get to in order to solve your controversies. Konsell uses a variety of resources and techniques to help our clients alternatively resolve disputes with other controversial parties, both in business and private frameworks.